Presidential Chicken

I remember back in undergrad when I visited my friends at Michigan State and they took me to the residential dining hall since they had a meal plan. The cafeteria had typical dorm food like salad bar, burgers, hot dogs, fries etc. Fortunately, the dining halls have improved drastically since then and now the undergraduate students have it great with so many options available to them. Eat at State A common theme in the lab is to ask one another what do you have for lunch today?

The World's Most Powerful Rocket

For Now… SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy this week and I remembered how Elon Musk noted that it would have twice the thrust of any rocket currently in existence. I was intrigued by this statement and decided to look further and compare the thrusts of other rockets of the past and rockets that are planned in the future. Falcon Heavy thrust will be 5.1M lbf at liftoff -- twice any rocket currently flying.